Send me an e-mail that includes a list of the following:

  • Full name as used for class registration
  • Name you would prefer
  • Reason you are enrolled in the class (Web Design, Web Development, Personal Enrichment, etc)

Getting to Know You

For example you can write a short paragraph:

Hello, My name is James T. Kirk, but you can call me Jim. I was recently discharged from Star Fleet and am now pursuing an AA in Business, so I am taking this class because it looked interesting. 

or just copy & paste the (3) questions and answer each directly:

  • Full name as used for class registration: James T. Kirk
  • Name you would prefer: Jim
  • Reason you are enrolled in the class: It looked interesting


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Submitting your assignment

  1. You are to submit your assignment via an eMail app of choice
    Send to :
  2. The Subject line should contain the following:
    Web114 – a0(assignment number)

Due Friday – Week 01