…a few things about the Student Net

Student Account Logins: Finding Your Login

Every student enrolled has access to WiFi, Google Apps, on-campus O: drive storage and web space. Below is the link to the Seattle-Central Student Account Login:

Seattle-Central Student Accounts Overview:

As an enrolled student you are provided 20 MG of web server space for a student website.
View your page by using the URL: http://edison.seattlecentral.edu/˜USER NAME

  • NOTE: there is a (~) prior to the user name
  • USER NAME is to be replaced by your unique user name as assigned by the college.
    (in my case it is: ~mmccan03)

To Find Your User Name

FTP Access to Your Website

The FTP programs available on the on-campus Macs are:

Cyberduck: http://cyberduck.ch/ – simple and clean open source app

Fetch: http://fetchsoftworks.com/ – more complex interface open source app


  • Server: edison.seattlecentral.edu
  • Must use Passive mode when connecting within the student net (best used all cases).

The Basics:

Never use a space when naming a file.

  • Replace all spaces in an existing file with a dash (-) or underscore (_) prior to uploading to the server.

The web server is case sensitive.

  • A web page named “My-Page.HTML” cannot be referenced by:
    • http://edison.seattlecentral.edu/~mmccan03/my-page.HTML
  • This would not work either – note that even the extension must be consistent:
    • http://edison.seattlecentral.edu\~mmccan03/My-Page.html
  • It MUST be referenced exactly as originally typed:
    • http://edison.seattlecentral.edu/~mmccan03/My-Page.HTML

All Student Net activity is logged and will be denied if used improperly.

Other Services:


Quick Primer on the Seattle-Central Mac OSX

Top Menu: Apple; Finder; File; Edit; View; Go; Window; Help

Although most of the Settings of the Mac are not accessible (for obvious reasons), most of the Personal Preferences can be set and will be “remembered” throughout the quarter.

This also goes for individual App Workspaces such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

A Preference Dialog box can be accessed form the top menu bar – main options available:

Apple Icon> System Preferences…

  • Personal
    • Appearance: color theme and basic behavior
    • Dashboard & Exposé: Open & manage all current windows
    • Desktop: personalized wallpaper
    • Dock: behavior and location of App dock
    • International: language, time and date format
    • Spotlight: search criteria
  • Hardwarechanging of settings not recommended
    • Displays: change resolution/brightness
    • Keyboard & Mouse: behavior and keyboard shortcuts


  • Opens a dialog box with tabs: ie: General: Desktop and Folders

(Any App Icon)>Preferences

  • opens a dialog box with tabs: ie: General

Ctrl/Left-click or Right-click anywhere on desktop

  • Change Desktop Background…: Desktop dialog box will appear
  • Show View Options: icon and text sizing for desktop items

Folder View

Harddrive Icon

Open folder (double click on folder icon or