Using Basic Objects to Create an UI Study

The following Tools will be used:

web114-a02-01 tools used

  • Selection
  • Rectangle
    • Rounded Rectangle
    • Ellipse
  • Artboard
  • Hand
  • Zoom

The following Panels will be used:

web114-a02-01 panels used

  • Layers
  • Transform
  • Align

Creating an User Interface Study.

Let’s start out by creating a New… document set to letter size, and RGB. Then we will use the Place… command to place an image. We will be resizing the Artboard and making a Template layer. After which we will create a New Layer….

Now we will begin by using the Rectangle Tool to create shapes

…duplicate and move some things

…until we finish the drawing and Save…

Your final image should look somewhat like this (with your own color options):