Trace Elements

Using the Place command and the Image Trace panel

For a simple QR tag – acquire from >

  • On, select a tab to create either an URL, Call or SMS
  • Click on “Download” button (lower right)
  • Using the slider under the QR tag adjust image size to: 550×550px
  • Leave all other settings is
  • Click on PNG. The file will go to your Download folder
  • Name qrtag.png accordingly and save in a properly named assignment folder on the Scratch disc or USB device

More about QR tags from the Wiki >

Meanwhile back in Illustrator

The following Tools will be used:

ITC298 Image Trace 04 tool set

  • Selection
  • Direct Selection
  • Optional
    Type on a Path

The following Panels will be used:

TC298 Image Trace 04 panel set

  • Image Trace
  • Layers
  • Optional



The following Commands will be used:

  • Using the Image Trace panel settings to trace a Placed Image

01) Create a New Document – Properly named Size: Letter; (11″ x 8.5″ ); Portrait; CMYK

ITC298 Image Trace QRtag 0202) From the top menu select: File > Place…

 ITC298 Image Trace QRtag 0303) In the Place… dialog box choose the desired image, check Link and click on Place

 ITC298 Image Trace QRtag 0404) The image will now be placed in the center of the page. Open the Image Trace panel from the top menu by selecting Window > Image Trace.

ITC298 Image Trace QRtag 0505) Use the Select tool and click on the image so the Boundary Box is visible.

From the Image Trace panel:

  • Mode: Black and White
  • Threshold: 128

Select the Advance arrow to expand the panel to set the following:

  • Paths: 100%
  • Corners: 100%
  • Noise: 100%

Check the following:

  • Create: Fills
  • Options:
    Snap Curves To Lines
    Ignore WhitePreview

ITC298 Image Trace QRtag 0606) From the top Option bar select Expand

ITC298-Image-Trace-QRtag-0707) The QR-tag should now be composed of black filled, square cornered paths

ITC298 Image Trace QRtag 0808) In the Layer panel, expand Layer 1 and select <Path> and type QR tag

09) Make sure to Save in the same properly named assignment folder
with the QR-tag image

ITC298 Image Trace QRtag 1010) Open your (-a03-02) file and File > Save As… (-a03-04). Duplicate (Clone or Copy/Paste) all the elements that make up the first side of the Business Card. Copy/Paste the QR-tag group, reduce the size and position the QR-tag. Change the color file and add elements to personalize the tag.