Creating a Logo & Business Card – Side One


The following (2) items are due:

a03-01Logo – don’t forget to save…


a03-02Business CardSide One – don’t forget to save…


Creating a QR tag – Side Two

a03-03 )  QR tag – don’t forget to save…


a0304 )  Business Card with QR tag Side Two – don’t forget to save…


Assignment Submission:

  1. -a03-01 Create (1) Logo drawing as directed using the Shape and Text tools, and the Layers, Transform, Text, and Align palettes.
  2. -a03-02 Create Side One of a Business Card using Logo from -a03-01
  3. -a03-03 Create a Tracing of a QRtag
  4. -a03-04 Create Side Two of a Business Card using a portion or stylized version of the Logo from -a03-01, including the QRtag (-a03-03). Add Side One from -a03-02 so both sides of Business Card are in the same file.
  • Full credit for the creation of all steps shown to completion
  • Use your name, initials, and title (or description)
  • Choose (1) other color besides black
  • Correctly converted Text to Outlines
  • Correctly Image-Traced QRtag
  • Correctly managed Swatch panel in all files
  • Chosen color and black properly converted to Spot Color
  • Shapes correctly sized and aligned
  • Proper hierarchy of design elements in the Layers panel
  • All objects named accordingly
  • Logically grouped items

You should be sending the URL to a ZIPd folder containing the appropriate file(s)

  • Save your files using proper naming conventions noted below

    • LastName-web114-a03-0*(assignment part).ai
      • (replace * with appropriate value)
  • Place the assignment file(s) in (1) one folder named properly.

    • LastName-web114a03
      • (replace * with appropriate value)
  • Right-click on the assignment folder and select Compress”…”
  • A Zip’d copy of the folder will now appear

Submitting your assignment

  1. You are to submit your assignment via an eMail app of choice
    Send to
  2. The Subject line should contain the following:
    Web114 – a0(assignment number) – 0(section)
  3. In the body of the message should be a direct URL to this week’s assignment. If you are using the Edison server the URL should look somewhat like this:*.zip

Due Friday – Week 03