The following (6) items are due:mccann-web114-a07 required documents

  1. -a07-01.jpg – exported for web
    (File>Export>Save for Web)
  2. -a07-02.jpg – exported for web
    (File>Export>Save for Web)
  3. -a07-03.jpg – exported for web
    (File>Export>Save for Web)
  4. -a07-04.psd – original work document
    (File>Save As…>PSD)
  5. -a07-05.jpg – exported for web
    (File>Export>Save for Web)
  6. -a07-05.psd – original work document
    (File>Save As…>PSD)

To review saving process see assignment 05 page for more information

Photoshop Retouching

images for your use  Images for your use – select to download

Use directions from Week 07 Retouching Images

  • Using the Match Color command
    (a07-01) To correct colors via the Match Color command
  • Using the Color Replacement tool 
    (a07-02) To use the Color Replacement tool
  • Using the Red-eye tool 
    To remove red-eye from a portrait

Photoshop Watermark

Use directions from Week 07 Photoshop Watermark

    • (a07-04) Creating a Copyright Watermark from Text; save as a Custom Shape with a Custom Style
    • (a07-05*) Applying a Custom Shape with a Custom Style in an Image to create a Watermark: *NOTE: You will need an image which you have either photographed or created to which you own the legal copyright
    • Regarding the image used for -a07-05:
      1. Include a short description of the source when submitting.
      2. No artwork that is subject to trademark law.
      3. No previous assignments from this class.
      4. No assignments from another class.
      5. No logo or collateral designs.
      6. No package designs.

Assignment Submission:

You will need to Include a short description of the source of the image used for -a07-05 in the Message when submitting.

You should be sending me a ZIPd folder containing the appropriate file(s)

        • Create (1) one assignment folder: LastName-web114a07
        • Place properly named assignment file(s) in this folder.
        • LastName-web114-a07-0*(assignment part).jpg
          LastName-web114-a07-0*(assignment part).psd
        • Right-click on the assignment folder and select Compress”…”
          A Zip’d copy of the folder will now appear

Submitting your assignment

        1. You are sending the URL to your ZIP’d assignment via an eMail app of choice
          Send to
        2. The Subject line should contain the following:
          Web114 – a0(assignment number) – 0(section)
        3. In the body of the message should be a direct URL to this week’s assignment. If you are using the Edison server the URL should look somewhat like this:

Due Friday – Week 07