Signing your work – Watermarks

(a07-04) Creating a Copyright Watermark from Text; save as a Custom Shape with a Custom Style

mccann-web114-a07-04 Explained
(fig.a07-04) Select to View Larger Image
  • Set Background color to #eeeeee (light gray)
  • Create a New document big enough to work in comfortably (for example: 800px X 300px)
    • Resolution: 72 dpi
    • Background Contents: Background Color
  • Set Black as Foreground color
  • Choose Horizontal Type tool
  • Create desired text, scale and style as desired. (for example: ©copyright 2016 N.Name ) – For best results use a font with a thick stroke. For copyright symbol: Option-G (Mac) for PC >>
  • After styling duplicate Text layer
    (drag to New Layer icon – bottom left of Layers panel)
  • Turn off the visibility of the original Text layer
    (In the Layer panel click on the “eye” icon to left of Layer name)
  • Select the Text copy layer
  • From the top menu Type>Convert to Shape
    • Name as desired – click OK
  • On Layers panel, change Fill value of shape to 0%.
  • Select Layer Style icon (fx) at bottom of Layers panel
    • Click Bevel and Emboss
      The following is to establish a starting point, however it will depend on the font chosen as to what settings are best overall.

      • Style: Inner Bevel
      • Technique: Smooth
      • Depth: ~ 60%-90%
      • Size: ~5-25
      • Soften: ~6-10
      • Select OK

Remember to name layers accordingly…

To save Layer Settings and Effects

web114-a07-05 define custom style

  1. Select the newly created customized shape layer on the Layer panel.
  2. On the Style panel
    1. Select the New Style button
    2. Name as desired and click OK
    3. The newly named style will appear in the Styles panel at the end of list.

To save a Custom Shape

web114-a07-05 select custom shape

  1. Select the newly created customized shape layer on the Layer panel.
  2. Make sure the Path of the shape is visible (slight line around edge of shape)
    1. You may need to use the Path Selection Tool (Black arrow) to select the shape in the artboard.

web114-a07-05 define custom shapeChoose Edit>Define Custom Shape

web114-a07-05 name custom shape

  1. In the dialog box name as desired and click OK

web114-a07-05 custom shape panel

  1. The newly named style will appear in the Styles panel at the end of list.
  • See fig.a07-04 – Save as PSD


(a07-05) Applying a Custom Shape with a Custom Style in an Image to create a Watermark:

*NOTE: You will need an image which you have either photographed or created to which you own the legal copyright.

  • Include a short description of the source of the image used when submitting.
  • No artwork that is subject to trademark law.
  • No logo or collateral designs.
  • No previous assignments.
  • No package designs.

web114-a07-05 custom shape panel

Open a qualifying image* to be watermarked .

Resize the image to 72 DPI and ~800px in either dimension.  From main menu Image > Image Size… adjust size accordingly.

  1. From the Tools panel choose the Custom Shape tool
    1. On the Options bar Select the Shape drop-down menu (small arrow icon) 
    2. In the Custom Shape picker, select the Shape created in a07-04.

web114-a07-05 draw custom shape

  1. Hold down the Shift key (to maintain ratio) and Drag at a diagonal in the document window with the Custom Shape tool until symbol is desired size.


web114-a07-05 name custom shape

  1.  In the Layer panel properly name the new Shape layer

web114-a07-05 apply custom shape

  1. With the Shape layer still selected, in the Style panel click on the Custom Style created in a07-04.

web114-a07-05 Uncheck Use Global Light

  1. In the Layers panel double -click on the Bevel & Emboss sub-layer. In the Layer Style dialog box under Shading, uncheck Use Global Light to ensure the proper Shading (light source) from your Custom Style is applied to your Custom Watermark.



  • Remember to Save As… PSD
  • Export a copy for web use
  • Remember to name layers accordingly…