The following (2) items are due:mccann-web114-08 images required

  1. -a08.gif – exported for web
    (File>Export>Save for Web>Gif)
  2. -a08.psd – original work document
    (File>Save As…>PSD)

(-a08) Creating an Animated GIF

Use directions from Week 08 Photoshop Animation

Collect at least (4) images which express an idea about the current quarter (or season).

  • They can be photos or other graphic types.
  • Use your own or royalty-free images acquired from an Advanced Google Search.

mccann-des114-a09Create a photoshop document to be animated that is subject to the following:

  1. Begin with the statement “This [current quarter] I…“.
  2. Create a short narrative of your current quarter experience.
  3. The animation needs to have at least four (4) frames or events.
  4. The PSD has properly named layers and is organized using Group folders.
  5. Use the Frame method as demonstrated in class and found in the instructions below.
  • Set up a document using images of your choice.
  • Using your tool(s) of choice to create at least (4) different events (frames). See (fig. above)
    • Each event (frame) should be in its own properly named Group.
    • Each event should clearly show a change.
      • To include:
        1. Content
        2. Graphic(s)
  • Each event should demonstrate a change in timing as necessary.
  • Organize your layers with logical names and groups as needed.

Use the Animation panel to construct an Animated GIF.

Follow these directions from Week 08 Photoshop Animation

Or select the graphic below to view the Animated GIF Tutorial on how to animate GIFs …

des114-a09 build GIF sequence

  • Save as… PSD
  • Export > Save for Web… GIF

Assignment Submission:

You should be sending me both the PSD & GIF files

  • Create (1) one assignment folder: LastName-web114a08
  • Place properly named assignment file(s) in this folder.
  • Right-click on the assignment folder and select Compress”…”
    A Zip’d copy of the folder will now appear

Submitting your assignment

  1. You are sending the URL to your ZIP’d assignment via an eMail app of choice
    Send to
  2. The Subject line should contain the following:
    Web114 – a0(assignment number) – 0(section)
  3. In the body of the message should be a direct URL to this week’s assignment. If you are using the Edison server the URL should look somewhat like this:*.zip

Due Friday – Week 08