Using an Existing UI Study to Create a Newsletter Wireframe in AI

The following Tools will be used:

web114-a09 tools used

  • Selection
  • Type
  • Artboard
  • Hand
  • Zoom

The following Panels will be used:

web114-a09 panels used

  • Layers
  • Stroke
  • Character
  • Paragraph
  • Transform
  • Align
  • Artboard(optional)

Creating the Wireframes…

web114-a09 duplicate a02Let’s start out by duplicating our assignment 02:

  1. Right-click on your assignment 02 folder
  2. From the context menu select “Duplicate”
  3. Rename  “…-a02 copy” to “…-a09”
  4. Open the -a09 folder
  5. Rename  “…-a02” to “…-a09”
  6. *Delete -a02 .JPG

Use the existing shapes for the basis of the wireframe.

Then add some text using the Type tool…

duplicate the Artboard and move some things…

reorganize some other things…

finish the wireframes, Save… and Save a Copy…