(a09) Newsletter Wireframe in Adobe Illustrator

We will use an existing UI study as a reference to create a Wireframe.

mccann-web114-a09The following (2) items are due:

(a09-01)  original file (.AI)
(a09-02)  Save a Copy… (.pdf)

Create a newsletter wireframe that has properly named Layers and are organized using Group folders. Using the existing UI study from assignment 02, change the styles of the shapes, add Lorem Ipsum (as mock content) using the Text tool, then duplicate and re-organize with the Layers panel.

Extra Credit: duplicate the wireframe using the Artboard tool and modify existing elements to create a mobile view of the wireframe.

There are to be (2) wireframes on (2) separate artboards in the same AI file:


  1. Artboard 1: Email newsletter wireframe – 700 px wide
  2. Extra Credit: Artboard 2: Mobile newsletter wireframe – 320 px wide

Use directions from Week 09 AI Newsletter Wireframe

  • Full credit for the creation of all steps shown to completion
  • Change assignment 02 element attributes into a wireframe
  • Correctly duplicated artboards
  • Properly organized Layers panel
  • Proper hierarchy of design elements in the Layers panel
  • Shapes correctly sized and aligned consistently
  • Spacing maintains consistency between major elements
  • Content elements maintain consistency
    1. H1=30px, H2=24px, Body=16px / 24px line height
    2. Body content includes Content, Info and Footer text
  • Content and spacing maintain consistency between wireframes
  • All objects named accordingly
  • Logically grouped items

Assignment Submission:

Before final submission you will need to make sure all files are named properly and are being placed in a properly labeled assignment folder.

web114-a09 files requiredYou should be sending me a ZIPd folder containing the appropriate files

  • Create (1) one assignment folder: LastName-web114a09
  • Place properly named assignment file(s) in this folder.
  • Right-click on the assignment folder and select Compress”…”
    A Zip’d copy of the folder will now appear

Submitting your assignment

  1. You are to send the URL to a ZIPd assignment via an eMail app of choice
    Send to :Martin.McCann@seattlecolleges.edu
  2. The Subject line should contain the following:
    Web114 – a0(assignment number) – 0(section)
  3. In the body of the message should be a direct URL to this week’s assignment. If you are using the Edison server the URL should look somewhat like this:

Due – Week 09