(a10) Newsletter Layout in Adobe Illustrator

We will use the existing Wireframes from assignment 09 and add graphics which have been produced as assignments throughout the quarter.

Required Graphic Elements:

  1. Header: Name Logo (a06-03)
  2. Banner: First frame from Animated GIF (a08)
  3. Business card – (both sides if available) (a03)
  4. At least (2) images (a05)
  5. At least (2) images (a06)
  6. At least (2) images (a07)
  7. Social: at least (4) Icons from custom symbol library (a04)
  8. ©copyright notice
  9. Contact information
  10. Footer notice

The following (2) items are due:

(a10-01)  original file (.AI)

(a10-02)  Save a Copy… (.pdf)

Create a layout that has properly named Layers and is organized using Group folders. Using the existing Wireframe from assignment 09 add graphics and actual content. Establish all styles for major elements, CTAs, Text and graphic areas as necessary.

There is to be the 700px wide newsletter layout on a single artboard:mccann-web114-a10-01

Artboard 1: Email newsletter layout – 700 px wide

Use directions from Week 10 AI Newsletter Layout

Things to consider:

  1. The Logo header is to be a stylization of your full name (see a06-03). If you want to edit it in some way that is fine however it must meet all the requirements of the original assignment, incorporating all the following:
    • Recoloring type
    • Shifting type from the baseline
    • Changing the font family and font style
    • Changing the font size
    • Applying kerning and tracking
    • *Optional* Inserting special character or custom shape
  2. All images need to be Embedded. When placing an image uncheck the “Link” option in the Place dialog box or after placing the image keep it selected and click on the “Embed” button on the Option bar.
  3. Week Three image is to show a cropped “business card” (side 2 optional) with a contrasting background and/or drop shadow to “define” the edge of the card(s). An image containing crop marks will not be accepted.
  4. Week Five, Six, and Seven images are to be positioned to entirely fill the allocated Graphic area of each listed Item. A Clipping Mask is to be made that will “clip” the excess image(s) from view.
  5. Proper and consistent spacing is to be used between content elements to insure ease in readability and interactivity with text links. Each content element ( h1, h2, body), should be created separately using a Text box.
  6. Fonts used are to be different then those used in the wireframe. Myriad Pro is not to be used. The same Font is to be used consistently and the styles are to be constant in size, color, alignment etc. throughout. H1 = 30px , H2 = 18px, content = 16px with 24px line height.
  7. Include a link style for content (color variation, font style, etc…)
  8. CTA buttons need to have readable contrast between the text color and the button fill. You can test the contrast on this site: Color Contrast Checker
  9. Social icons are to have a consistent size and spacing and have a color fill that matches the color style established in the layout. Icons will not be accepted if left with the default black fill, even if black is used elsewhere in the design.
  10. *XC* Completion of 320px view based on assignment 09 wireframe.
    Using the existing elements from the 700px version developed in assignment 10, properly resize graphics and content to create the mobile layout.

General concerns:

  • Full credit for the creation of all steps shown to completion
  • Change assignment 09 wireframe into a newsletter layout
  • Correctly duplicated artboards
  • Properly organized Layers panel
  • Graphics correctly sized and aligned
  • Actual content to replace Lorem Ipsum
  • Proper hierarchy of design elements in the Layers panel
  • All objects named accordingly
  • Logically grouped items

Assignment Submission:

Before final submission you will need to make sure all files are named properly and are being placed in a properly labeled assignment folder.

You should be sending me a ZIPd folder containing the appropriate files

web114-a10 required files

  • Create (1) one assignment folder: LastName-web114a10
  • Place properly named assignment file(s) in this folder.
  • Right-click on the assignment folder and select Compress”…” A Zip’d copy of the folder will now appear

Submitting your assignment

  1. You are sending the URL to your ZIP’d assignment via an eMail app of choice
    Send to: Martin.McCann@seattlecolleges.edu
  2. The Subject line should contain the following:
    Web114 – a0(assignment number) – 0(section)
  3. In the body of the message should be a direct URL to this week’s assignment. If you are using the Edison server the URL should look somewhat like this:

Due – Week 10