The Final

The final will be a submitted email of your Newsletter layout and associated files that have been compiled into a digital multi-page PDF using Acrobat.

The following (1) item is due:

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(-a12-01) Digital Multi-page PDF – to contain the following:

  1. Email Newsletter layout (-a10-01)
  2. Email Newsletter wireframes (-a09-01)
  3. Mobile Newsletter wireframes (-a09-02)
  4. Email Newsletter redlines (-a11-01)
  5. Contact Sheet(s) (-a12-01)
    With all individual images that would be used in the Email layout.
    Using a consistent SEO naming convention (as determined by content).

Use directions from Week 12 Putting Together the Final

Final to be submitted via email by:
Monday, December 10th – no later then 7:50PM

You will be required to email your properly named assignment to the instructor no later then 7:50PM on Monday, December 10th …then you are done ;-}

NOTE: A final submitted after 7:50PM on Monday, December 10th will not be accepted for credit.

Due – On Assigned Day of Week 12