Martin McCann Crayon Box m2An artist since he could lift a crayon, Martin has been creating his way through life in search of a pool of talent in which to dive.

He has created art in Chicago, by way of Minneapolis, while on his way to New York City.

After years of creating art with real materials he decided it was time to learn how to do it virtually, pursuing this thing called technology.

With great enthusiasm he now designs, codes and creates quality content for the World Wide Web, while living the beach life on Alki, in the tech-haven of Seattle.

His Ultimate Goal is to travel the world with his MacBook Pro loaded with Adobe CS and illustrate the Cooper’s Pack Adventure Series.

Meanwhile he will nurture this by eating large amounts of sushi when ever available and riding a bicycle where ever possible.

His Second Biggest Vice is a yearly pilgrimage to Amsterdam – Beautiful, Exciting and oh so European.