Questions you never knew you needed answered.

What is Warhol-ing?

Martin McCann Puce As Art

The philosophy of Warhol-ing is what Martin McCann brings to the contemporary art world. He coined this term in 1997 while pursuing a way to reason his exploitation of the art world. In essence to Warhol is to present the ordinary as exceptional and through implication is art and therefore has value.

Martin observed that an average art consumer is uncomfortable challenging the merits of art and is relying upon an authority type to confirm the validity of it all. The term calls homage to Andy Warhol who was the first to exploit the phenomenon as a key to his success.

Although first identified within the sphere of the art world it can be applied just as easily to the real world. In this day of post-Warhol influence, blog, blog, it is that much easier for anyone to use this philosophy to be a success.

Martin can Warhol any object(s), any event(s), music, performance, or anything conceptual regardless of their socioeconomic value by utilizing proper branding, and eventual placement.

When Martin says, It’s OK! Everyone will agree…

Its OK!

What is Fauxtography?

The process of fauxtography is what Martin brings to the contemporary art world. He coined this term in 1995 to describe his style of art. In essence a fauxtograph is digitally produced art wherein all the textures and elements are obtained from digital photographs of real items and locations. All this digital imagery is fauxtaged to create a hyper-realistic event.

One night in 1994 Martin had a dream of a beach house constructed in a classic Bauhaus fashion with a color scheme inspired by Piet Mondrian. The next day he digitally reconstructed this dream house utilizing Photoshop.

Martin can create a fauxtograph of any object(s), any event(s), performance, or anything conceptual regardless of their socioeconomic value by re-purposing existing reality.

When Martin says, It is! Everyone will say… It is!

In 56 words or less state your role in the art world.

For over twenty years now, it has been Martin’s mission to help businesses, organizations and artists succeed in their marketplace by effectively presenting their message to their audience with authority.

Martin does this by being a part of the electronic art community and utilizing the communication tools we all share in our visual and technology driven lifestyle.

What more do you need to know?

Martin McCann Surf-n-Turf

What do you know about art?

Martin has a BA in Graphic Communications and in Fine Arts. He co-managed two different art galleries. He sat on the Art Advisory Board for the Cheney-Cowles Museum (now known as MAC). Martin had a major art event in the Washington Shoe Building in May 2000. Essentially it was being born with the talent and attitude needed to be an artist.

What’s with the hair?

He grows it for charity. Every 2-1/2 years he cuts off 13 inches and donates it to Locks-of-Love. He has been doing this since 1998. This will be his ninth harvest.

What is your favorite destination vacation?

Amsterdam, NL. Martin has made an annual trip every year of this millennium and intends to keep going. It is a beautiful city, full of exciting, friendly and diverse people. Best of all it is oh so European.

What else do you do that is creative?

Martin is a trained chef in the restaurant fashion. He enjoys experimenting with ingredients to produce new taste sensations. He takes photographs of these creations with the intention of making a culinary web.